David Askew was born in Harvey, Illinois, and moved to Los Angeles at a young age when his parents separated.As a child, David suffered from depression and low self-esteem and by the time he was a teenager David was using and dealing drugs. David eventually dropped out of high school but it wasn’t until several years later that David’s drug problem began to spiral out of control. Addicted to crack cocaine David spent the next ten years living on the streets of Skid Row and Hollywood eating out of dumpsters, panhandling and stealing to support his drug habits. Throughout much of the turmoil of David’s life, art provided a way for him to escape. In 2011, David checked into a drug treatment program which helped him break his addictions and start on a path to sobriety. While still living at a homeless shelter, David decided to transform his passion for art into a legitimate business and enrolled in the Pepperdine Micro-Enterprise Program. David eventually moved out of the shelter, secured a property manager position at a small apartment complex and with the help of his business mentors he launched his art business, David Askew Realistic Portraits. As one who soullessly wondered the streets of Skid Row for ten years, David feels a special affinity with the homeless. David’s artwork expresses a raw emotion that encompasses his life’s story. David has been commissioned to do several pieces for the Midnight Mission and even a few public figures including Tim Allen

​Realistic Portraits